The Big Idea

The content for the conference taps into a growing opportunity being explored by Australia’s major research and innovation institutions (such as ARENA, CSIRO, the Chief Scientist) in looking at the potential of a hydrogen industry in Australia.

Hydrogen is different to natural gas in that it’s not a fossil fuel. It can however be produced from fossil fuels and, more sustainably, renewable energy through the electrolysis of water. Like natural gas, hydrogen can be used for energy generation, transport and a range of other uses in industry such as making fertiliser. Unlike natural gas, it has zero carbon emissions when used. Hydrogen could therefore be a way of decarbonising the economy and helping to substantially reduce Australia’s contribution to climate change. There is also a very real commercial opportunity already underway in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley for example, to export hydrogen to Asian markets such as South Korea and Japan.

Hydrogen could also be a way of solving the issue of integrating a growing proportion of intermittent renewable generation into the energy system. Hydrogen can be a way of storing excess energy that could be used to meet demand when the wind turbines aren’t spinning and the sun isn’t shining – helping to balance out energy supply and demand.

The agenda will also provide relevant context of hydrogen progress in things such as hydrogen-fuelled cars so that delegates can get a wider picture of everything that is happening to aid their understanding.

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