The Big Idea

The emerging hydrogen sector is littered with feasibility studies that fail to progress to at scale projects. The blockage is in proving commercial feasibility. The Australian Hydrogen Forum examines how to move from small-scale to profitable, large-scale developments. You’ll hear from the people and organisations who are creating financially viable energy chains, from production and distribution to end-use. Examine the commercial impact of regulation, emissions certification, and formats. Understand the factors that will ensure hydrogen becomes a profitable and practical mainstream energy source.

There are plenty of innovative plans with exciting potential, but (apart from a few notable exceptions) the investment required to get them off the drawing board is not coming through. Governments, banks, and investors talk about unlocking the potential of hydrogen but the ‘chicken and egg’ issue continues to be a roadblock to large-scale end-to-end value chains. The Australian Hydrogen Forum will evaluate what can be done to make the “hydrogen economy” a reality. Join us for a deep-dive into strategies to de-risk and accelerate hydrogen projects into commercially feasible developments.

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