Day Two - 25 March

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You can attend Australian Hydrogen Forum in-person or virtual,  though in-depth learning workshop sessions are in-person only.

Examining investment and return for hydrogen projects
Registration, coffee and networking

Opening remarks from the Chair

Ian Cronshaw
ex-Divisional Director
International Energy Agency (IEA)

Increasing the affordability of energy through hydrogen

Exploring the commercial realities of hydrogen

Patrick Luxton
General Manager Hydrogen

Moving towards commercial sustainability in hydrogen projects
  • What should investors and businesses be looking for when assessing commercial potential of a specific project?
  • Defining the timelines for hydrogen to become viable – next year, next decade?
  • Upscaling renewable capacity to achieve carbon neutrality in manufacture
  • Assessing the commercial impact of embracing net-zero technologies

Jamie Lowe
Head of Regulation, Compliance and Sustainability

Assessing the economics of hydrogen in the NEM
  • Predicting how quickly hydrogen could gain mainstream status as an energy source in Australia
  • Understanding the impact of widespread adoption of hydrogen on the NEM
  • Factoring hydrogen into current plans for the NEM

Tim Nelson
Executive General Manager, Energy Markets
Iberdrola Australia

Scaling up use and production of hydrogen to make it a commercial reality – a story of chickens, eggs and duck curves

Justin Nash
Senior Manager, City & Corporate Integrated Solutions
bp Australia

Morning tea
Innovative hydrogen project showcase

In this quick-fire project showcase you will hear from the businesses that are at are pushing the boundaries with hydrogen technology across mobility, generation, commercial use and more.

Economically producing hydrogen via methane pyrolysisusing a modular skid unit technology

Chris Dunks
Managing Director
Synergen Met

Building the hydrogen highway – how does hydrogen stack up for long distance haulage?
  • Creating a network of refuelling stations
  • What is the most efficient/cost effective hydrogen technology for heavy haulage?

Wodek Jakubik
Innovation Manager

Using a blend of green hydrogen and natural gas at EnergyAustralia’s 300+ megawatt Tallawarra B power station

Eliza Bartlett
Head of Legal – Energy

ATCO’s pathway to renewable fuels

Amy Philbrook
Future Fuels and Renewables

Networking lunch

PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the ‘low hanging fruit’ in terms of developing a sustainable local hydrogen economy?
  • What are the main drivers that will propel hydrogen towards mass adoption?
  • Which industries might be interested in off-taking hydrogen?
  • What are the key enablers, strategies to kickstart a local hydrogen economy?


David Heard
Executive Director, Australia
Hiringa Energy


Jordan McCollum
National Policy Manager
Australian Pipelines & Gas Association (APGA)

Eliza Bartlett
Head of Legal – Energy

Laura Hillis
Director, Corporate Engagement
Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC)

Patrick Hastings
Chief Delivery Officer
Infrastructure Sustainability Council Australia (ISCA)

Mark Williamson
Executive General Manager
Clean Energy Regulator


Building the export supply chain

INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION: Working together to accelerate the global hydrogen economy
  • Seeking global synergies to harmonize standards and regulations
  • Ensuring projects will meet international ambitions
  • Attracting more investments in research and infrastructure to build the hydrogen market
  • Defining current standards from a global perspective

Bart Biebuyck
Executive Director
Clean Hydrogen JU (video)

PANEL DISCUSSION: How does Australia become an export powerhouse?
  • What price does hydrogen have to be produced at to make it a competitive fuel?
  • What is the likely medium for the export of hydrogen?
  • How important will renewable certification be to buyers?


Ian Cronshaw
ex-Divisional Director
International Energy Agency (IEA)


Alex McIntosh
Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Andrew Dickson
Development Director
CWP Global

Richard Jeffery
Acting Executive General Manager Growth and Future Energy
Stanwell Corporation

Joel Smouha
Senior Advisor - Hydrogen
Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)

Afternoon tea
Increasing the credibility and saleability of hydrogen through certification and international standards

International Presentation: Exploring the economics of a hydrogen supply chain between Australia and Japan from a manufacturer’s perspective
  • Progressing Kawasaki's hydrogen projects, including HESC (Latrobe Valley in Victoria to Kobe in Japan)
  • Update on the Japanese Government’s recent policy on hydrogen adoption, and implications for a hydrogen export market in Australia
  • Examining likely formats for transport and storage of hydrogen and how it will be used in Japan

Motohiko Nishimura
Executive Officer, Hydrogen Strategy Division
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (video)

INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION: Testing the viability of a renewable energy-based hydrogen supply chain between Australia and Germany
  • Taking advantage of Australia’s enormous solar resources and Germany’s technical know-how in the field of electrolysis
  • How the “Wasserstoffbrücke,” or “hydrogen bridge” works both ways: importing Australian green hydrogen and exporting German hydrogen technologies
  • Resolving the issues around a supply chain: production, transport, conversion for the specific needs of Germany
  • Estimating the quantities of the green hydrogen needed for German industry

Holger Lösch
Deputy Director General
The Federation of German Industries (BDI e.V.) (video)

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Australian Hydrogen Forum 2022