• Asia Pacific Hydrogen Association
    Supporting partner
    Asia Pacific Hydrogen Association

    Established in December 2019, the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association is the leading industry association for the hydrogen sector in Asia-Pacific.

    The Asia-Pacific Hydrogen acts as the regional platform for all stakeholders in the hydrogen industry to collectively promote the best interests of the hydrogen sector. Our members include utilities, power project developers, equipment manufacturers, technical consultants, financial institutions, regional associations and other institutions in the hydrogen sector.

    We offer several levels of membership to make sure everyone can become part of our association.

  • Renewable Hydrogen Alliance
    Supporting partner
    Renewable Hydrogen Alliance

    The Renewable Hydrogen Alliance (RHA) is a US-based non-profit organization established to advocate using surplus renewable electricity to produce hydrogen and derivative products. RHA promotes the production of climate-neutral fuels from renewable electricity. RHA engages in education and outreach to utilities, the renewable energy and environmental communities, regulators, legislators and others to promote renewable power to climate-neutral fuels as a critical step to reaching climate change goals and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. RHA also serves as a renewable hydrogen information clearinghouse. For more information please visit or contact us at

  • Innovate Australia
    Supporting partner
    Innovate Australia

    Innovate Australia was established in 2014 to encourage, assist and proactively promote Australian innovation. The organisation works with industry to bring about and encourage innovation, to showcase innovation, and to develop innovative programs and innovation networks. Innovate Australia is a not for profit, independent organisation, fostering collaboration between industry, academia and government. Innovate Australia runs a wide range of free public events and develops innovative programs of social value as utilising Artificial Intelligence in preventing personal crisis and suicides, allowing deserving young people free access to conferences, promoting STEM for young women, improving bushfire information, etc.

  • Hydrogen Society of Australia
    Supporting partner
    Hydrogen Society of Australia

    The Hydrogen Society of Australia (HSA) was launched in January 2018 by Innovate Australia with the collaboration of representatives from Woodside and Siemens. HSA aims to promote the significance of hydrogen as a clean fuel and energy storage solution, foster collaboration between hydrogen industry stakeholders and community groups, and organise a wide range of hydrogen-related events and demonstration projects.

    HSA is currently working on implementing $500m vision of Zero Emission Highway project for heavy transport consisting of 80 hydrogen refuelling/EV charging facilities across the entire state of Western Australia, over the next 8 years. To join HSA please visit

  • Transmission & Distribution
    Media partner
    Transmission & Distribution

    Transmission & Distribution is focused to the Electricity Supply Industry for High to Very High voltage electricity transmitted either overhead or underground from the point of generation across the country at very high voltages. Transmission & Distribution includes Energy Generation, which focuses on all aspects of Electricity Generation to include coal-fired, renewables and nuclear power.

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