Post conference workshop - 17 September

So you think you know about hydrogen?
  • This session will examine some of the fundamentals for hydrogen that need to be understood when thinking about adopting hydrogen
  • Understanding production trade-offs, major limitations with hydrogen (such as transporting it, locating sizeable plants, etc.) that need to be costed correctly but rarely are appreciated
  • Identifying the benefits – as these are very different by application and end market e.g. oxygen as a by-product, methanation
Morning tea
Markets and end uses that are accessible for renewable gases – pros and cons

This session will cover off the markets for hydrogen as in many ways hydrogen has its pros and cons for the market which again are not well appreciated

  • Looking at the markets for renewable gases per se (such as hydrogen and synthetic methane) and discuss how this can be modelled
  • Criticaling reading published work related to cost benefits of hydrogen and discuss how to normalise this to existing markets
  • Comparing renewable gases with existing markets they seek to displace
  • Analysing potential subsidies that may flow into the development of renewable gases
Lunch break
Commercial analysis and development issues
  • Commercial modelling of these matters on the understanding that development is a multi-stage process
  • Ensuring your investment is strategic and properly accounts for production variables
  • Should you focus development work on key cost issues that are more related to scale?
  • How can you achieve cost offsets in the modelling? Use of waste energy, use of oxygen, methanation, etc. and price allocation issues across multiple markets
  • Discussion session to compete the day

Workshop leaders:

Jim Snow
Executive Director
Oakley Greenwood

Rohan Harris
Senior Principal Consultant
Oakley Greenwood

Angus Rich
Principal Consultant
Oakley Greenwood

End of workshop